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Axiom Medical

How Axiom Medical Increased Foreign Language Case Management by 1650% in One Month


Have you read about the significant decline of patient visits among certain populations as the use of telehealth has gone up? The healthcare needs of the 25 million Limited-English Proficiency (LEP) patients living in the United States have not decreased, and telehealth poses additional challenges for them.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, many companies delivering critical healthcare services faced unprecedented challenges. One of the challenges Axiom Medical faced was how to handle a surge in remote consultations (telehealth), especially for LEP patients.

Thanks to our ConnectNow™ remote interpreting platform, SpokenHere was able to offer Axiom Medical 24/7/365 on demand access to interpreters. Our team of trained, HIPAA certified remote medical interpreters eased the pain. These interpreters are experts in 200 languages – connecting Axiom Medical with more patients. We were able to help them absorb a huge surge in demand for their services.

Some of the challenges Axiom Medical was facing in 2020 included:

  • Very large increase in call volume
  • Very short lead time to implement a solution
  • Big increase in number of foreign languages spoken by patients
  • and more…

Working with our client, we put together a brief case study about our successful partnership with Axiom Medical and how remote interpreting services “saved the day” for them. Fill out the form to download the case study and learn more.

Case Study Axiom Medical

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