ELearning & Training

Turnkey platform-independent translation process delivers increased knowledge and productivity to your non-english speaking learners

Elearning is quickly becoming the preferred method of training and knowledge sharing over the traditional classroom, as it allows you to reach an ever growing global and mobile audience more easily and cost effectively. In fact, 77% of American companies use etraining. Our robust elearning division has deep roots in the industry and understands what it takes to translate, localize, voice and engineering your elearning content.

We have more than a decade of experience in elearning localization and have translated tens of thousands of hours of courses for companies around the world. Our lengthy experience has allowed us to develop a turnkey process that incorporates your input during each step and provides you with visibility that gives you confidence in your translated course content. We use the latest technology to make the complex multi-step workflow of translation and engineering simple and manageable.

Our global team of professional linguists, voice actors, developers and project managers works with you to create training materials that are ready for any audience anywhere. We work with every learning management system (LMS) to ensure that your courses are ready to deploy quickly.


  • Translation of all audio and on screen text, graphics, strings
  • Professional voice talent in target language for audio portion of courses
  • Seamless integration of all language assets into Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Claro, or any other learning management system (LMS)

Perfect for:

  • Training non-English speaking employees
  • Improving company safety and adherence to corporate policies and procedures
  • Complying with local, state and national laws and regulations