Healthcare & Medical

Competent and confidential language services for bridging the gap between health care providers and non-English speaking patients

Mishaps in medical translations can be extremely costly and even deadly. Translating medical content requires highly specialized linguists with experience in medicine and healthcare.

Medical and healthcare industry needs are changing quickly due to big demographics changes. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions are seeing a rapid increase in the number of patients who speak languages other than English. In the United States, federal law requires that all healthcare facilities receiving federal funding offer language services to patients who need them.

With our expert medical translators and interpreters on our convenient telephonic interpreting service, you can easily meet these language challenges affordably and efficiently.

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  • Professional translators and interpreters with medical and healthcare industry knowledge
  • Strict confidentiality and HIPAA compliance to ensure patient medical record safety
  • Backed by errors and ommissions and professional liability insurance

Perfect for:

  • Improving doctor/patient communications
  • Complying with existing federal laws and regulations
  • Enhancing level of care for non-English-speaking patients