Software Localization

Software localization and in context testing ensure usability and functionality

Have you developed some great, user-friendly software that you want to use in other countries? Software translation is not as easy as it sounds. Particular attention needs to be paid to string lengths, user interface (UI) elements that may require localization and other items that may need to be adjusted to ensure user friendliess for people in other countries.

Our technical team can help extract all translatable text, prepare it for our linguists and put all translations back into your software format. Once translations are complete, our quality team completes a thorough in context testing process to confirm accuracy and usability.


  • Turnkey process of software text extraction, translation and rebuilding of final files
  • Localization of currecies, units of measure and attention to string lengths
  • In context testing of all translated strings, content and user-interface (UI) elements

Perfect for:

  • Software developers seeking to increase sales in new markets
  • Small to medium size software developers who need a reliable language partner to develop multilingual versions of their software
  • Developers that are unsure about the complex software localization process