Quality control and translation review ensure language accuracy and smooth delivery

Proper proofreading of finished translations is an essential step in the overall process. Our proofing steps ensure the accuracy of the translations and integrity with respect to your original. Proofreaders look for grammatical mistakes, mistranslations, omissions and anything else that would prevent us from sending you a perfect translation.

We proof our own work as part of our process, but we also offer proofreading as a standalone service if you have a translation from someone else you want us to review. Many of our clients also want to conduct their own review of our translations. We welcome additional input and have a written process for client reviewers to document and affect any changes.


  • Professional review of translations to ensure accuracy
  • Check to ensure adherence to client style guide
  • Written process to integrate with client reviewers

Perfect for:

  • Clients wanting to typeset their own translations
  • Independent review of third-party translations
  • Ensuring accuracy after additional steps have occurred (typesetting, programming, etc.)