Subtitling & Captioning

Technical on-screen solutions for multilingual and hearing impaired audiences

Is your project on a restricted budget? Does your video production audience have a hearing impaired segment? Subtitles and captions are a great way to add another layer of understanding to your video production without breaking the bank.

Subtitling and captioning projects require special attention be paid to the length of the translations, in order to ensure that the correct text is displayed on screen when that text is being voiced. Dialects, slang and other language idiosyncrasies of the target audience are also considered during the translation process.

Our process includes a thorough review of the final deliverables to ensure the timing, accuracy and functionality of the translated text on screen.

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  • Transcription of audio scripts without an electronic version
  • Translation tailored to fit screen and be synched to original audio
  • On screen viewability of subtitles and captioned text

Perfect for:

  • Hearing impaired audiences
  • Adding an extra layer of understanding to your production
  • Video projects with limited budgets and non-English speaking audiences