Typesetting & Graphics

Technical services team creating dazzling final presentations in any format and language

Our typesetting or desktop publishing (DTP) experts specialize in all language styles, including Cyrillic (Greek, Russian), languages with double-byte characters (Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified and Traditional), and right to left languages (Arabic and Hebrew). Our experts have the skills, software, and expertise needed and grasp a firm knowledge of the languages they are typesetting. This results in a quick, accurate and affordable project.

Our team can help you be global in any software including proprietary software.


  • Seamless integration with translation and proofreading teams to ensure accuracy and layout consistency with originals
  • Typesetting for any software (Illustrator, InDesign, FrameMaker, Photoshop, Quark, QuarkXPress, AutoCAD, Adobe, Storyline, Moodle etc.)
  • Layout review and graphics rendering in target language(s)
  • Service for all right-to-left (RTL) languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.), double-byte character languages (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) and non-Latin alphabets (Cyrillic, etc.)

Perfect for:

  • Clients needing multilingual versions of documents with complex layouts
  • Technical drawings and instruction manuals
  • Marketing and advertising collateral