Translation and Interpretation for the Legal & HR Industry

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Restaurant Chef needs legal document translation for LEP Team

Today’s Diverse Workforce Speaks Many Languages

According to United States Census data, a record 67 million people living in America speak a language other than English at home (source), which is three times the number of 1980 and more than twice as many as in 1990.

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Boardroom meeting about legal document translation

Legal Language Can Be Complex and Nuanced

From the boardroom to the courtroom, and every business transaction in between, our certified legal language service team provides excellent human resources and legal document translation as well as court and remote interpreting in more than 300 languages.

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Legal Subject Matter Expertise

Linguists with extensive knowledge of and experience with legal terminology and proceedings lead to better translation, interpreting, and understanding in business relationships.

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Security & Confidentiality

We know the importance of privacy in legal document translation and human resource matters. Our legal language service team is bound by a strict code of ethics and confidentiality, and our secure online client portal uses strong encryption technology to keep your data safe.

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Easy Setup and Use

Our remote interpreting platform gives you 24/7/365 on demand access to  professional interpreters who can help with conversations involving legal matters or with your Limited English Proficiency (LEP) employees.

Common Project & File Types

  • Business contracts
  • Patent & trademark filings
  • Court & witness transcripts
  • Depositions
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Immigration documents
  • Employee contracts
  • Litigation & Arbitration documents
  • Legal document translations
  • Certified document translation services
  • Company policies & procedures

Areas of Application

  • Law firms
  • Immigration attorneys
  • Multinational corporations
  • Mergers & acquisitions firms
  • Mediators
  • Compliance departments
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Corporate HR departments