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Fun facts and faux pas

Get to know a little about us and read some funny linguistic faux pas we’ve personally committed. While it’s our job to get the words right for our clients, we admit that we’ve all stepped on our own tongues at some point.

Bobby Lahiere

Founder & CEO
Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, my love for foreign languages started in 9th grade, when I began learning German. Once it was clear my other love (baseball) was not going to pay the bills, I dived head first into building the best language company in the world! I love travel, history, time, and filmmaking.

Fun Facts

  • I have been to 26 countries, including four that no longer exist (Czechoslovakia, East Germany, West Germany, and the Soviet Union). My favorites are: Germany, Austria, Iceland & Czech Republic!
  • I narrated the German voiceover for the self-guided audio tour at Elvis Presley's Graceland in the mid-1990's
  • I do CrossFit 5x a week, play competitive, fast-pitch, wood bat league baseball & ice hockey!
  • I once hit a double at Minute Maid Park during the Houston Hardball League's All-Star game
  • I ❤️ Golden Retrievers 🐕! Here are my current two, Ranger and Liberty
  • Won a study trip to Germany as a junior in high school

Faux Pas

I spent the entire summer of 1989 at my German girlfriend's house in Nürnberg, Germany. I already spoke very good German at the time, but there was still more to learn apparently. While cutting an apple in her parents' kitchen, I accidentally sliced my finger with the knife. Instead of saying, "Ach, ich habe mich geschnitten!" (I cut my finger), I thought I needed to use the present perfect form of the verb "beschneiden" (to cut a part of one's body) instead of "schneiden" (to cut). Well, "beschneiden" does mean to cut a part of one's body. Unfortunately, it means "to castrate". Her dad laughed hysterically, and I learned a new word the hard way...well, not the hardest way, but still...

Teresa Bell

Business Development Manager
I have been in sales, business development and public relations my entire career. As the Business Development Manager at SpokenHere, my goal is to build sustaining client relationships and share the passion that we all have for serving our clients.

Fun Facts

  • I am originally from Alberta Canada and moved to Houston in 2012 by way of Doha, Qatar. My husband and I feel we have done our fair share of snow shoveling and feel it's time to enjoy the heat!
  • As a kid, I was a skinny little thing that was always picked last for team sports in school but loved to be active
  • I got involved in gymnastics as a teen and then jazz ballet and love to downhill and cross-country ski. I taught aerobics for several years and also took tap dancing and belly dancing
  • I've worn the soles off my hiking boots and completed one of the most arduous 7-day hikes in Canada, the West Coast Trail
  • Things have slowed down a wee bit now. As a certified yoga instructor, I am passionate about teaching yoga and pursuing a certification as a Doctor of Ayurveda

Faux Pas

In Canada, we say "washroom" for the restroom or toilet. While traveling in Australia, I discovered very quickly not to say washroom when I wanted to use the toilet. When you say washroom, you are shown to the actual washing room or laundry room, and my host was rather perplexed as to why on earth I needed to see the laundry!

Kathleen Clark

Director Client Services
I am Director of Client Services where I oversee language projects from start to finish, including understanding client needs, quoting, managing projects, and ensuring translation memory files are kept up to date. I also ensure each client receives great customer service before and after a project delivers. When I am not delivering that "WOW" experience, I can be found exploring back roads and old cemeteries, crafting, walking my dogs or hanging out by a lake or in a boat fishing.

Fun Facts

  • I once owned the 2,000th Chevrolet Vega made
  • I have road tripped through 29 of the 50 states
  • There are only 899 people in the world who have my maiden name
  • I love history and museums

Faux Pas

I was at Texas Roadhouse with some of my kids and their spouses. We were ordering drinks and my favorite there is the "Jamaican Cowboy". I ordered one, but the waiter thought I wanted a "Naked Cowboy". Of course the jokes went around the table and I really don't remember if I actually said that, but they all said I did, and the waiter said he could try to find me one!

Kim Beck

Senior Account Manager
I have been part of the SpokenHere team for more than 5 years and in the language industry more than 10 years. As Senior Account Manager at SpokenHere my focus is on client service. I assist with on-boarding, training and providing on-going support to our clients. My goal is to ensure our clients are happy and confident that we can help them build better relationships through communication.

Fun Facts

  • I believe you should give out what you want to get back. So, I live my life everyday, happy and positive!
  • All of my kids are grown and I have a granddaughter that I spoil every chance I get!
  • I have a “phone voice.” Any time I am on the phone, apparently my voice changes to a proper/professional tone regardless of who is on the other end, or so my kids say!
  • I’m an artist/creator - in my free time you will find me painting, sewing, re-purposing something or working on one of my many DIY projects!
  • I have a vegetable garden that started out with only 3 different things a few years ago but has grown to over 20 vegetables.

Faux Pas

I used to work for a non-profit organization. Soon after I started working there, our bookkeeper emailed me to say that she hadn't received a file because it was too large. In a hurry, I zipped the file and sent it to her again with the short note, "I resent you." The next day, I could tell she was not herself, and I asked if something was bothering her. She confessed that she was upset and had no idea why I would resent her. Totally confused, I told her I did not resent her and had no idea why she would think that I did. She said because I told her in my email to her the day before. Still confused, I asked her to show me what she was referring to, so she opened the email with my hastily written reply. It became clear immediately that I should've proofed my message before sending it, and I explained that I had meant to convey that I was sending the file a second time. She couldn’t believe it, but then realized that she had been so taken aback by the words she read that she had not noticed my message was a response to her and what I might have actually meant. After a few seconds, we both laughed at our mistakes. Today, many years later, we are great friends and have turned it into a running joke. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Many words have more than one meaning, and, depending on how they are used or pronounced, they can change completely and you might resent sending an email or text that you didn't proof!

Sally Clark

Project Manager

I am Project Manager and handle every aspect of client projects from start to finish. I have had an unusual combination of jobs over the years with an extensive background in customer service. I have worked as a courtesy booth manager at a grocery store, a commercial sign designer/painter, account analyst at a retirement firm, customer service coordinator at a business phone system company, and even owned my own karaoke company. This array of experience has enabled me to deliver top-notch service to clients looking for virtually anything they need in the language business. My passion for helping others and striving for perfection in my work means that my clients' business needs will always be given top priority. When I am not helping my clients, I enjoy spending time with my family, working on DIY projects at home, art, sightseeing, and bike riding.

Fun Facts

  • Received an award of excellence ribbon on a piece of art for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in high school
  • Once sat across from Tim Robbins on a subway train in NYC
  • Wanted to be a homicide detective when I grew up
  • Would love to hike the Continental Divide Trail
  • Have never met another Sally my age

Karen Cummings

Executive Assistant
As Executive Assistant for SpokenHere, my primary purpose is to support the staff so we can deliver the "WOW" experience to our clients and vendors. I have a vast background of over 35 years serving in a support roll. I enjoy wearing many hats while promoting camaraderie and making it a more enjoyable environment for everybody. I love planning and coordinating events for my singles group, working out with my girlfriends, and walking my dog through the trails nearby.

Fun Facts

  • I worked as the production coordinator for a tamale factory
  • I have a fear of thunderstorm because lighting struck a tree and fell on my house
  • My family calls me Sissy
  • Occasionally I say words backwards
  • I love to garden
  • I have a daughter and two grandsons

Faux Pas

I was having a bad day and text two of my friends, Jenny and Mandy, and said "I woke up with a bee in my bonnet so please excuse my mood today." Jenny replied, "you sleep in a bonnet?" and Mandy said, "the bees are probably coming in through the cracked window." I had to explain that I didn’t really have a bee in my bonnet, and "no" I don't sleep in a bonnet, but that I was having a bad day. I laughed till I cried. Apparently, it is an old idiom that is not said often.

Luis Ramirez

Remote Interpreting Resource Manager
Bio and other information coming soon.

Sricha Gupta

DTP Quality Manager
Bio and other information coming soon.

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