Translation and Interpretation for the Energy Industry

Global Energy Markets Demand a Global Approach

With consumers and producers in almost every country in the world, it is imperative that oil and gas, mining, and renewable energy companies have a reliable energy translation services partner that understands the terminology, concepts, and regulatory requirements of this complex industry.

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Great Communication Leads to Better Relationships

According to the 2020 US Energy and Employment Report (USEER), companies in the energy industry are facing a difficult time in trying to hire skilled workers. Language obstacles can become a major factor in your ability to attract skilled workers and compete in the global market.

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Technical Expertise

Many of our technical translation specialists come from a career in the energy sector. Having such intimate knowledge and expertise is critical to understanding and providing accurate energy translation services for the complex subject matter of the industry.

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More Effective Training

We make your training content more effective for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) learners by translating and publishing it in your preferred authoring tool. When learners take your training in their native language, they understand better and retain more information longer.

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Experienced Interpreters

Build better connections with your international clients and employees by having a clear understanding of the conversation. Our experienced interpreters can provide energy interpretation services to bridge the large language gaps that are often found in an industry with such a wide global reach.

Project & File Types

  • Equipment & service guides
  • Technical translation
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • Websites
  • Marketing materials
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Geological studies
  • Operating instructions
  • Strategic assessments
  • Safety manuals
  • Training sessions
  • E-learning courses

Areas of Application

  • Upstream oil & gas
  • Midstream oil & gas
  • Downstream oil & gas
  • Mining companies
  • Electricity providers
  • Petrochemical companies
  • Utilities
  • Renewable energy companies