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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to our remote interpreting subscription packages.

SpokenHere shall provide on demand remote interpreting services to you via our ConnectNow™ remote interpreting portal, downloadable mobile app, or your mobile phone or landline. Our ConnectNow™ remote interpreting platform and medical remote interpreters are HIPAA trained, certified, and compliant.

SpokenHere will invoice you once per month for your remote interpreting activity (your subscription package + any overages). Invoices are due upon receipt. All calls are billed for the actual time used once the call is connected. SpokenHere will assess late fees of 1.5% per month on any outstanding balances. Any pre-scheduled remote interpreting appointments you cancel with fewer than 12 hours’ notice will be billed for 30 minutes.

You agree to be fully and solely responsible for all services and charges incurred on your remote interpreting account. Any use and dissemination of your unique access credentials (user login and PIN) by and to authorized users your sole responsibility. SpokenHere does not adjust monthly invoices for charges you claim were made by “unauthorized” users.

You shall use our Remote Interpreting services only for your own internal purposes and shall not resell services obtained under this contract. You shall not use SpokenHere’s interpreters for any illegal or improper activity. You agree to hold SpokenHere harmless from all claims and actions resulting from the content and/or illegal usage of our Remote Interpreting services. You shall not at any time contract or attempt to contract or hire away any SpokenHere interpreter.