Family Reunification Program: Youth Villages

Client Success with Family Therapy, Interventions, and Support Through Interpreters

Family Reunification program

With approximately 1 in 20 children in the foster care system, ensuring language access for LEP children and families is essential.

Recognizing this, Youth Villages has partnered with SpokenHere to support children with limited English proficiency, removing communication barriers and enhancing access to vital services.
Children in challenging circumstances, such as those in foster care or facing family separations, often encounter difficulties in expressing their needs and emotions. Language barriers further compound these challenges, hindering effective communication and exacerbating feelings of isolation.


Thankfully, organizations such as Youth Villages are dedicated to supporting children and families in navigating these complexities and fostering healthy family environments. With a focus on building and preserving family units for over 35 years, Youth Villages has been at the forefront of efforts to strengthen the foster care system and promote family reunification.

SpokenHere’s collaboration with Youth Villages includes both translation and remote interpretation services. We work closely with Youth Village staff members to translate essential materials, providing LEP parents with valuable resources to navigate the complexities of foster care and support their family reunification program.

Additionally, our empathetic remote interpreting services play a vital role in facilitating family therapy, behavioral interventions, parenting support, and navigating legal processes such as court involvement and interactions with child welfare services. Last year alone, our interpreters supported over 3,300 family and child conversations.


“Due to a lack of bilingual service providers, it can be difficult and sometimes impossible for non-English-speaking families to find mental health services and counseling. By having access to SpokenHere, Youth Villages is able to provide family counseling to families who need it and to reach all parts of our community. It also allows us to connect them with resources. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how helpful and flexible they have been with my schedule. I would absolutely recommend SpokenHere to anyone at my company who needs translating services.

– Veronika Ackerman, Family Intervention Specialist, Youth Villages”

Youth Village Team Members Share Experiences

In this heartwarming video highlighting our partnership with Youth Villages, you’ll hear from key individuals who are dedicated to empowering youth and nurturing strong family connections. We have been honored to partner with each of these Youth Village team members to provide language services for at-risk kids.



In this video, Hughes Johnson, a seasoned professional who worked at Youth Villages for over 20 years and was the Director of Performance Improvement, expresses a deep passion for assisting children and families in thriving within their communities. He emphasizes the organization’s unique approach to keeping children in their homes, providing vital support to both the child and their family unit.
Audrey Lamb, a Thrive Intervention Specialist, plays a crucial role in this endeavor by regularly engaging with families, offering support, and implementing interventions tailored to their needs. Her dedication to fostering trust and confidentiality enables children to share their concerns, ultimately facilitating positive outcomes.

LeAmber Russell, whose journey with Youth Villages spans over nine years in corporate compliance with a background as a teacher, counselor, and clinical service provider, highlights the evolution of the organization, and its commitment to addressing gaps in children’s services. She reflects on her experiences working directly with children, recognizing the profound impact of understanding their backgrounds and providing tailored counseling services.

Providing Meaningful Communication for LEP Families in this Family Reunification Program

One of the most significant challenges faced by Youth Villages was the linguistic diversity encountered in the communities they served as they expanded into their current 25 states and 101 locations. As Hughes Johnson notes, the inability to communicate effectively posed a significant barrier to providing comprehensive support. This is where SpokenHere stepped in, offering language services that made building relationships possible between staff and families speaking different languages.

Audrey Lamb recalls her initial apprehension when faced with Spanish-speaking families, but acknowledges the immense support provided by SpokenHere. With our assistance, she can connect with families seamlessly, ensuring that language differences do not hinder the provision of essential services.

Bringing Families Together

At SpokenHere, we understand that effective communication is fundamental to delivering exceptional service, especially for family reunification. LeAmber Russell emphasizes the importance of meeting the diverse needs of families and praises SpokenHere for its exceptional customer service and commitment to facilitating meaningful communication. We are beyond grateful to be able to meet the needs of this incredible organization.


“If you are looking for quality service accompanied with great customer service, Spokenhere is the best option. Working with this company we have experienced very little concerns. There representatives are friendly and ensure that there service’s being provided is done so with efficiency.”
– LeAmber Russell


family reunification program


We Speak the Language of Compassion

Our partnership with Youth Villages exemplifies our shared commitment to empowering communities through compassionate communication, creating pathways to success for LEP children and families in need. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to make a lasting impact and create a world where language is never a barrier to receiving the support and care that every individual deserves.

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