Qualified translators ensure accuracy in the complex technical language and subject matter of the oil and gas industry

Few things are easy for the energy industry. The exploration, extraction and refining of oil and gas are all difficult processes, and the translation of critical technical content can be just as much of a challenge. The complex technology, unique areas of expertise, and specialized terminology require specialized translators who can convey the meaning of difficult source material accurately in the target language.

Global oil & gas markets often require translations in some of the more challenging languages such as Russian, Arabic, Kazakh and Norwegian. You can be confident that our native-speaking translators with industry-specific knowledge have the skills and talent required to complete these complex translations accurately.

We are headquartered in Houston, Texas, the global hub for energy exploration. We have used our extensive relationship network to build competent teams of the world’s best translators to handle our oil and gas clients’ toughest projects.


  • Technical translators with expertise in upstream, mid-stream and downstream sectors of the petroleum industry
  • Specialists for very narrow industry segments
  • Extensive oil and gas terminology database

Perfect for:

  • Oil and gas contract documentation
  • Technical documentation and AutoCAD drawings
  • Exploration and market research reports