Accurate translations for safety training and process documentation help protect employees and improve productivity

In addition to keeping your team safe, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) increased penalties have heightened the importance of your team having a clear understanding of your safety practices. We specialize in translation of written and multimedia content for the health and safety industry (HS&E), including safety data sheets (SDS), policies and procedures, risk assessment, regulatory documentation, safety manuals and online training courses.

Our professional linguists know the complexities of health and safety content and are trained and proficient in HS&E jargon.

Relevant Blogs:


  • Translators with safety and process expertise
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Multi-step QA process to ensure accuracy of safety translations

Perfect for:

  • Safety managers who need to comply with coporate policies and/or government regulations
  • Companies with a multilingual workforce that want to improve safety and productivity
  • Content developers licensing safety training courses to clients with a global reach