How Translation Can Impact Your Market Penetration & Growth Strategy

Speaking the language of your customers says as much about your brand as anything

A business can’t thrive (or sometimes even survive!) without growth. Innovation in the form of new products, services, processes, or branding can all help a business grow. For most companies, however, part of the overall growth strategy includes goals of opening up new markets and achieving greater market penetration into those markets.

Translation services are often a necessary part of achieving market penetration, especially if you’re targeting global or very diverse markets that are predominantly non-English speaking. It’s easy to look at translations as just a necessary expense, but it’s actually an investment that can make your market penetration efforts much easier. Why?

You Won’t Alienate Your Target Market

Imagine you’ve seen a product on social media that you really love. You click on the source, and find out that the website is in French, a language you don’t know. If you’re like most people, you probably click away immediately—alienated by the fact that you weren’t able to read the information and immediately connect with the brand. Don’t give your potential customers that experience—if you’re catering to a market that speaks a different language, don’t alienate them. Give them a quality translation on your website so they can browse with ease.

It Allows You to Stay on Brand

Your branding is what embodies your core values and your organizational culture. It’s what helps your brand stay top-of-mind with customers and cultivate trust. Inconsistent branding can cause problems for businesses, and you want to ensure your customers are all getting the same message, regardless of the language they speak. A skilled translator won’t just translate the words themselves—he or she can also make sure your brand voice comes across to customers and speaks directly to your market.

You Can Adapt to Cultural Differences

Though it is important to stay on brand, it’s also important to optimize your messages for different markets. Having control over your translations allows you to make adjustments based on cultural differences. Whether it’s an issue of appealing to your customers based on different priorities, or avoiding embarrassing cultural gaffes, translation can help you achieve market penetration by optimizing for the specific market.

It Shows Interest

Showing an interest in your target market might seem obvious, but if you don’t put the necessary care into your translation, it comes off as disinterest. Providing translated information, however, shows interest that can help you connect with customers and increase loyalty that leads to word of mouth market penetration. Word of mouth isn’t the only way you achieve market penetration, of course. But it is one of the best ways to convert customers and gain more revenue from a market. People trust their friends to give them good recommendations, and they are more likely to buy from you if they receive this word of mouth suggestion.

It Lets People Research and Understand

Most people aren’t interested in buying a product unless they’ve done some research, and understand the features of the product or service they’re buying. They want to know what they’re buying and what kind of protections and guarantees they can expect. Google Translate can’t give them reliable information; they want to hear it straight from your company. A quality translation helps prevent misunderstandings, and helps customers feel confident in their decision to buy.

Get Excited About Translation

It’s easy to think about translation as an annoying part of market penetration, but the potential benefits to your business are actually very exciting. Choosing a turnkey solution with a reputable translation company can help you change your perspective on the process. Instead of scrambling to vet and sign on the right freelancer, all you’ll have to do is work with an experienced company that will take over and make the process a breeze.

Quality translations = better market penetration. And better market penetration = faster growth and bigger profits.

Getting excited about the possibilities? Download your free translation checklist here and get started today!