Texas Senator John Cornyn Assists Spanish Speakers

Client Highlight: SpokenHere enables the Lone Star State’s Spanish speakers to access Texas Senator John Cornyn’s website in their native language

SpokenHere is pleased to announce that after being selected to translate the Office of Texas Senator John Cornyn’s website into Spanish, we have now completed the 300,000+ word translation project, enabling Texas’ large population of Spanish speakers to access it in their native language.

With over 8 million people who speak Spanish at home in Texas, it’s incredibly important to make sure they can access the information about policies, services and the latest news that is provided on the Office of Senator Cornyn’s website.

The website presented a unique challenge for our translation team, given the large volume, short turnaround time, and wide range of topics covered by its content. SpokenHere’s team of qualified and experienced translators worked together to craft a Spanish version that was consistent in terminology, localized for Texas’ Spanish-speaking residents, and true to the meaning of the original English.


“I’m proud to represent a state as diverse as Texas,” said Sen. Cornyn. “This will help me better serve Spanish-speaking Texans as we continue to expand how we engage with the more than 30 million people who call our state home.”


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Whether it’s for large scale website translation projects like this one for Senator Cornyn’s Office or events needing multiple types of interpretation and translation, we can support your clients and employees with limited English proficiency.

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