Are You Penetrating The $3 Trillion Multicultural US Market?

You may believe that your business is ahead of the game with innovative strategies and marketing techniques. You send out tons of promotions and quirky slogans and your sales seem to be responding well. Yet, you feel like you could be better. Before you head back to create yet another electronic banner, have you ever taken the time to evaluate just how many people you are serving and if you are targeting all in need? You may be surprised to find out that millions of people in this country are under served and for one reason: inaccessibility. This inaccessibility has to do with people who are not native English speakers.  Targeting these consumers will help you increase your multicultural US market penetration.  As more people migrate to the United States to sustain a living, they will be looking to businesses who properly provide resources for them, in their native language.

The Importance of Serving All Populations

More and more often you see large chains like McDonald’s or Starbucks targeting our diverse population. These companies understand that in order to continue to be successful they have to address the multicultural consumers in our country that are not native English speakers. According to The Atlantic “the US Latino market is worth $1.3 trillion...”  They also reported “… today’s fastest growing ethnic consumer group is Asian Americans.”  Their buying power is expected to grow to $1.1 trillion by 2020! With numbers like those, many businesses are realizing the necessity to address the communication and cultural differences so they can capitalize on it. They are asking their consumers what they want to see and they are delivering! They are providing signage, support, multicultural products and many have multiple language options for customers on their website as well.  It’s simple, people feel more comfortable making a purchase utilizing their native tongue regardless of the price. Providing the resources these consumers need and want to make an educated decision are why these companies are continuing to blow others out of the business market.

Although most smart business owners understand that they too should target the multicultural consumers, not many truly dive deep into providing meaningful resources for these individuals. However, they may want to rethink that strategy. The importance of catering to the multicultural demographics in the US market is key to the success and sustainability of any product/company today. Translation of packaging, signage and label instructions should all be considered  when targeting particular languages. In addition businesses need to ask:

  • What happens when the consumer gets home with our product?
  • Are we providing appropriate support via instructions for them to utilize/consume our product?
  • Are we providing necessary warnings for them to understand any dangers?
  • Are we providing tips, recipes and other helpful information to these consumers?
  • Are we offering phone and/or email channels to support their questions/needs?
  • Are we offering appropriate forms/surveys to receive feedback?

All of these services should be available in order to service the growing populations of people with an increasing amount of buying power that tend to get left behind. According to the The American Progress, there are approximately 43 million immigrants living in the United States. The number of non native English speakers has quadrupled since 1965.  They are the ones who make up the dynamics of this country’s economy. They are the ones you need to target as a business in today’s marketplace.

Multicultural consumers are more than willing to give their money and loyalty to businesses that are willing to invest in them and their needs. These consumers trust you and your product when you care enough to provide the proper resources they need to be educated consumers.

Where Do You Go From Here?

A professional translation service can assist you with all of your needs to be successful in your efforts to target the ever growing population of multicultural consumers. An experienced translation provider will be able to offer you accurate and effective translations while taking cultural differences into account so that nothing is offensive. In addition, they will have a solution for all of your needs whether they are written or spoken, available in multiple languages by experienced native speakers of your target languages. Combine these tools with great customer service and you can guarantee that you will reach and earn your target audience!

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