Building Doctor-Patient Bridges With Free and Charitable Clinics

Our team will be exhibiting at three conferences this fall for free and charitable clinics.

Ask about how medical translation and remote interpretation services help low-income and LEP patients. We would love to see you there!

free and charitable clinics
We’re so excited to exhibit at three different Free and Charitable Clinic conferences this November as part of our effort to support medical providers and limited English proficiency (LEP) patients nationwide! Our team of remote medical interpreters and translators are passionate about breaking down language barriers by partnering with healthcare facilities who serve low-income populations and strive for equitable healthcare access.

Better Outcomes for LEP Patients and Clinic Staff

Our team has been partnering with free and charitable clinics for years, because we deeply believe that every patient deserves compassionate, high-quality care. We have been honored to repeatedly experience how clear communication can shift the entire environment in an exam room, breaking down the doctor-patient language barriers and providing better patient outcomes.

Our team is made up of remote medical interpreters and HIPAA-certified medical translators who are fluent in 300+ languages and dedicated to providing HIPAA compliant remote interpreting and translation services that prioritize both accuracy and empathy. We are experienced in facilitating communication between providers and patients from different backgrounds and cultures, using culturally competent protocols and technology to protect patient’s privacy.

What does this mean for LEP patients? It means that when they need medical care – no matter what language they speak – they will be able to explain their situation and know that their doctor understands them too. And for medical providers? It means that no matter what their specialty is or where they’re located, they can serve all patients without worrying about language barriers standing in their way.

free and charitable clinics

Our medical translators are skilled at translating patient literature so that patients can walk into their doctors’ offices confidently, armed with knowledge regarding their health concerns, and prepared to ask the right questions. In turn, physicians will be able to understand exactly what it is their patients need so that they can create an appropriate plan of care and provide clear written instructions.

Especially critical for low-income patient populations and LEP senior patients, the ability to access language services at healthcare facilities has been shown to significantly improve patient outcomes, including receiving more recommended preventive services, attending more office visits, and successfully fulfilling more prescriptions. Our medical interpreters and translators ensure that this improved level of care is provided to LEP patients who seek medical care with any of our partnering providers.

Come Meet Our Team In-Person

In November, we will be exhibiting at three different conferences, and we would love to meet anyone attending (especially if we have only partnered with your healthcare organization remotely, and we have not had the chance to shake your hand in person). Our hope is to continue building relationships with more compassionate healthcare providers so our team can support low-income, LEP patients nationwide.

Florida Association of Free & Charitable Clinics

Dates: November 8-10, 2023
About: FAFCC annual conference brings together executive directors, clinical coordinators, developmental staff, volunteer providers, and board members of member clinics across the state. Attendees participate in breakout sessions related to trending topics within the free and charitable clinic sector, interact with healthcare vendors and FAFCC partners, and network with other free and charitable clinics across the state.
For more information and to register, visit the event page HERE.

Illinois Association of Free & Charitable Clinics

Dates: November 13, 2023
About: The Illinois Association of Free and Charitable Clinics is hosting their 12th annual conference, “Resilient and Resourceful: Illinois’ Free and Charitable Clinics Pave New Paths.” This is an opportunity for leaders, staff, volunteers, and community partners of free and charitable clinics to share best practices, stay informed of recent policies, and support each other in the great work of the free and charitable clinic sector. The conference draws participants from around the state of Illinois, bringing together all who make our charitable clinic sector diverse, resilient, and essential.
For more information and to register, visit the event page HERE.

Virginia Association of Free & Charitable Clinics

Dates: November 15-16, 2023
About: The VAFCC’s Annual Conference is celebrating its 30th anniversary and is returning to all in-person content. It is the premier educational and networking meeting for Virginia’s free and charitable clinics, their safety net partners, and healthcare advocates. Attendees can expect to network and learn with their peers from across the Commonwealth via diverse speakers and robust content tracks. This year the theme is “Advancing the Safety Net: Building Connections and Driving Change” that will build upon the Association’s goal of building a “Virginia where all people have access to comprehensive, quality healthcare by supporting and advocating for our member clinics so that hardworking individuals and families are protected from healthcare crises.”
For more information and to register, visit the event page HERE.

Get in Touch Today to Partner with Our Team

We are proud to contribute to the worthy and noble missions of the medical organizations we support, joining forces with the clinics and practitioners to improve language access for those who need it most!
Whether or not you are able to join us at one of the Free & Charitable Clinic conferences this fall, we would love to talk to you and to support your organization’s language needs with your LEP and/or low-income patients. Please contact the SpokenHere team of Interpreters and Translators to help break down the doctor-patient language barriers.
With an experienced team of HIPPA-certified medical translators and interpreters in more than 300 supported languages, we have you covered for all your translation and interpretation needs. We love languages and believe that language empowers providers and patients. Contact us today for a consultation.

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