Translating Medical Documents

Imagine if you were in another country, in which you did not know the language, and you needed medical treatment. All of the consent forms and other documents are in a foreign language. After signing these documents in order to get urgent and swift care, you agree to an amputation for a simple infection, unknowingly of course. Some cases are more or less severe; however, the language barrier between medical professionals and the general public is not something to be taken lightly and can have catastrophic consequences. The University of California: Berkeley conducted a study that revealed that lack of language services resulted in 90% of medical malpractice claims reported.

In today’s world of technology and medical advancement there is no reason to provide subpar care and put the lives of patients at risk as well as the future of your medical career. Translating your medical documents and forms pose numerous challenges but can be done accurately with the right tools and will reduce any malpractice risks greatly.

Typical Challenges in Translating Medical Documents


Medicine is a very specialized field. It is imperative that the translator has medical experience in the specific field and is knowledgeable of all terminology in the target language. A professional translation service vets their translators to ensure that they are qualified and able to produce accurate translations.


One word in English could translate into several different terms in another language. This is why a professional translation service is a must in these situations. A professional translation service has experienced translators that know the nuances of the target language and are able to determine and deliver the most accurate translation possible.


Who is the intended audience of your document? Doctor, nurse or patient?  Who the original document is for, doctor to doctor, doctor to nurse or directly from doctor to patient determines how terms or phrases need to be worded. A professional translation service understands this need and will provide you with translated documents that the original target audience can read and comprehend.

Using professional translating services as a tool will provide your audience with the most accurate information they can obtain and understand both written and orally. This will also ensure that you are being compliant with any regulatory guidelines and reduce the potential for malpractice cases.  This tool will save time and money in the grand scheme. It can even save the life of a patient! The stakes are too high in this field to take a risk, medical document translation should be handled by a professional service.   In addition, a professional translation service can help you establish an  interpretation program that will connect you with your patients and allow you to provide the best care possible to your patients.

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